Would you like to experience living and teaching English in China?

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Chinese High School Students

Through the Redlands Sister Cities Association and its sister city Linli, you can. Linli is located northern part of the Hunan province. Known for its agricultural products, Hunan is moving towards a more industrial economy and the need for English speakers is rapidly growing.

As an exchange teacher you would be signing on for a 1-year contract to teach conversational English at the local High School(s) or Middle School(s) in Linli. During your stay, you will receive a 1 week paid vacation to Zhang Jie Jia, a beautiful mountainous national park (first week of October), 3-4 weeks vacation during the Chinese New Year (late January through late February) as well as a 1 week vacation during the National Week (first week of May).

Your teaching responsibilities would include 13 -15 fifty minute classes each week. As a teacher of Oral Conversational English your job would be to get the students active in speaking English to you and to their classmates. The students might be shy, but they are willing to listen to and learn all they can about our American way of life.

The 1-year contract would last from roughly August till the end of July the following year. Housing is provided for you, as is a food allowance and phone allowance each month. Your salary would be around 3,400 RMB a month, which goes a long way in China. Trust me, as one of the first three teachers to go to Linli, you will have ample time and money for traveling around China and seeing everything China has to offer. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to email your questions.

-Matthew Munoz
Redlands Sister Cities Association, Linli Exchange Teacher 2005-2006

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