RSCA August 2016 Newsletter “The Chitchat”

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RSCA August 2016 Newsletter “The Chitchat”

This Chit Chat newsletter was huge this image above is only of the first page. To download the full newsletter click here!

On behalf of the Redlands Sister Cities Association’s Board members, I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to you for hosting our exchange students and chaperones from Hino. Your kindness and generosity made this visit a lasting memory for everyone involved. It was evident throughout the two weeks and at the farewell party, and then again at the next day’s bus departure, the emotional impact their stay with you meant. I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere!
The Hino students thoroughly enjoyed this experience, as I hope you and your family did. It is through exchanges like this that form bonds of goodwill and friendship that last a lifetime. I hope the connections you made during these two weeks will be everlasting and you will continue to be involved with sister cities.

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