Redlands Sister Cities Association Peace Garden

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Redlands Sister Cities Peace garden

Redlands Sister Cities Peace garden

Redlands Sister Cites Peace Garden represents Japanese gardens as well as the RCSA motto which is bringing cultures together through their group in the City of Redlands, California. Located in the Smiley Park near the police annex this garden is well taken care of and is a beautiful sight to see. The reason this park was built was to commemorate the 50 years of service that the association has marked in 2012.

This park was built by members and students of the RSCA that have been a part of the organization since 1963.

RSCA Peace Garden

RSCA Peace Garden

RSCA is proud to have found so much learned culture and have 3 other sister cities located in Linli, China, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Jean Lafitte, La. which all have contributed through teaching programs, study abroad, as well as home exchange programs to enlighten each other in their prospective cultures.

Redlands Sister Cities is always looking to expand through out the world and is always looking for other country cities who would like to join the learning exchange programs as well as expand its member inside the city of Redlands.

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