New Membership

Being a part of Redlands Sister Cities Association is not only an experience but a brand new lifestyle that caters to everyone in every single culture. Our Non-Profit Organization prides ourselves in immersing ourselves and our members in other cultures focusing in China, Japan, and Mexico for mutual education and experience.

When you become a part of Redlands Sister Cities Association we invite you to our monthly meetings, monthly events and tours around Southern California. We also introduce you to our affiliates in other countries that have come to our little city of Redlands to learn about our culture in Southern California.

We also have a yearly trip to different countries where we get to experience and learn about other peoples culture overseas.

We also help teachers who wish to teach English in other countries to get the full experience and help build that connection for you.

Each of our memberships are the same but cater to your current status whether you are signing up as an individual, family, or student.

The individual plan ($25.00)
Most used for individuals who are joining the group singular, single people, by themselves only. Most Common for people joining.

Family Plan ($30.00)
A family membership is the member plus spouse/partner and dependent children.

Student Plan ($15.00)
For anyone attending school as a student only this includes Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and Trade School.

Redlands Sister Cities Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

All membership dues are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Contact your tax advisor for precise guidance.