Join Redlands Sister Cities Association


Redlands Sister Cities has 3 types of memberships to choose from. All the plans give you the exact same advantages and are priced to give equal opportunity based on your current status.

By joining Redlands Sister Cities you become involved with the community and expand your knowledge culturally. Here is what you get with your membership.

- Teaching and Study abroad program walk through information and advantages.

- Cultural event planning and participation at local and city wide conventions and/or events.

- Monthly cultural trips to market areas, food establishment, businesses, and sightseeing.

- Monthly gathering for socializing and general meeting information.

- Learning opportunities through out the year through individual meetings and or group meetings.

- Country cross living opportunities with other cultures , mostly with Japan, China, and Mexico.

- Discounted fine dining with group events.

The plans are very basic. Each of our memberships are the same but cater to your current living status and or situations whether you are signing up as an individual, family, or student.

The individual plan ($25.00)
Most used for individuals who are joining the group singular, single people, by themselves only. Most Common for people joining.

Family Plan ($30.00)
A family membership is the member plus spouse/partner and dependent children.

Student Plan ($15.00)
For anyone attending school as a student only this includes Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and Trade School.

Redlands Sister Cities Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

All membership dues are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Contact your tax advisor for precise guidance.